Bryan Clayton is the founder of GreenPal, an online marketplace that connects homeowners with lawn care professionals. In the times of online deals and transactions, marketplaces like GreenPal offer seamless service exchange to US citizens. Even though, its story begins far in 2012, now it’s a highly-profitable business that has gone nationwide in USA.

In a new episode of TechFoundersTalk podcast, we set down with Bryan to talk about the struggle of building a tech startup as a non-tech founder, and to get some founder’s advice.

Dana Kozubska (D.K.)Bryan, can you tell us about your product, GreenPal marketplace?

Building your product idea, you will have some requirements for the tech behind. First and foremost, it should be affordable, and specialists should be accessible enough.

Secondly, the end product should be easy to maintain and manage since you will need additional resources after releasing it. For example, once the number of users grows, you may need to extend it and add a rich database without neglecting the app performance.

Thirdly, the time-to-market has to be reasonable. With proper technologies, you can build your MVP faster and get the first feedback of users.

At ByteAnt, we often advise our clients…

Online marketplaces have turned into a multi-million business domain. In 2019, deals made via 100 best marketplace startups accounted for 57% of global retail sales. In numbers, this means $1.97 trillion worldwide.

As this e-commerce category grows, users enjoy free access to a wide range of products and services. They benefit from low prices, easy-to-access products, and flexible delivery options. Rising demand for online deals due to the Covid-19 created favorable conditions for marketplace startups.

Let’s explore what online marketplaces are in demand in 2020, and what tendencies are leading the market.

Marketplace startups — the overview

We have already covered the specifics of marketplace…

In the real estate industry, software often supports core business processes. According to Real Estate in a Digital Age report 2019, most house-hunting firms offer specialized software to their agents. Multiple listing software and Electronic forms are two of the most used programs by large agencies (90% of respondents).

As a founder, you are wearing multiple hats. Pitching your idea for funding, managing team, and startup scaling requires a great deal of attention. How do you learn it fast? Podcasts may be your time-savior, thanks to their convenient audio format. By listening to the most experienced entrepreneurs and tech founders, you can get real-life stories and improve your entrepreneurial skills episode by episode, on the go.

Here is the list of the best startup podcasts we collected for you. They teach you helpful startup lessons, share real founder stories, and offer helpful advice. In whatever region you operate, this…

You have probably heard about an innovative language model called GPT3. The hype is so overwhelming that we decided to research its core and the consequences for the tech players. Let’s explore whether the language deserves this much attention and what makes it so exceptional.

What is GPT-3? Key facts

GPT-3 is a text generating neural network that was released in June 2020 and tested for $14 million. Its creator is the AI research agency OpenAI headed by Sam Altman, Marc Benioff, Elon Musk, and Reid Hoffman.

The language is based on 175 billion parameters and is by far more accurate than its predecessors. For…

When speaking of the latest leading-edge tech trends, we have to admit that cloud computing is definitely on the TOP 10 list. Thanks to the excellent processing power of cloud-based services and platforms, small and mid-size companies, as well as large-scale corporations, can enjoy competitive benefits. To begin with, here’s a quick glimpse at some of the advantageous features provided by Serverless:

  • Flexibility of services;
  • Greater scalability;
  • Faster deployment times;
  • Accelerated workloads in the cloud;
  • Reduced costs on infrastructure management and maintenance;
  • Automated workflows, and so on.

What Serverless Technology is: A definition and its main providers

Since progress doesn’t stand still, we can count on more tech solutions to…

Main benefits of edge-driven solutions for business

The IoT (Internet of Things) and cloud computing have greatly changed and enhanced the entire operational procedure regarding data gathering, processing and analyzing. They have set a new bar for companies, which provide their services and tools for data management, and simplified the working processes for end-users. However, the progress does not stand still, and many companies used to stick to new effective and innovative methods, in order to keep up with the times and extract new benefits.

It must be noted, as the total amount of applied IoT devices are expected to reach over 75 billion by 2025, it…


An enormous amount of digitally driven tech trends, involving in all spheres of our lives, provides us with new innovative and never-before-seen opportunities, designed to enhance the quality of life and streamline working tasks performance. The Internet of Things (IoT) plays an extremely crucial role in establishing a smart-base interaction between people and surrounding entities and objects. It is also of high importance, when it comes to acquiring, sending, processing and analyzing data coming from various sources, whether that be sensors, cameras, transponders, and other devices, both for individuals and large-scale companies.

According to the analysis, performed by the Statista


Serverless computing, which is commonly referred to as just Serverless, is a promising cloud-based technology model that has emerged on the app development and software architecture horizon in recent years. Trying to avail themselves of the huge serverless frameworks potential, many big-time market players have been quick to jump on the cloud services bandwagon. Such software giants like Google, Microsoft, IBM and Amazon already offer the customers to migrate all the local business operational efficiencies to be hosted on their flagship serverless platforms like AWS Lambda and Azure Functions.

Simply put, serverless architecture is an event- and request-driven tech solution…

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